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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 20, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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the big headline it's cold outside. these red pandas were not fazed at the cincinnati zoo. park employees filming them frolicking in the zoo. think about it this weekend when you're really cold. be like the panda. >> thanks for joining us. >> have a great weekend. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. huge mistake affecting nearly a million folks with obamacare. talk about a huge headache right before tax time. it's over so now time to rate and review it. how did that terror summit go at the white house? and what happened to the invite for the head of the fbi? and cold enough yet? massive cold snap freezing out much of the country complicating commutes up and down the coast. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. "the real story" starts right now.
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let's get going with a fox news alert. we have this question, why would the obama administration lay out its plan to help iraqis take back the second largest city from isis for everyone to see? we're talking about months sul in northern iraq. they're saying the assault will begin in april or may, involve frg 25,000 iraqi troops. u.s. forces will provide training, air support, intel and surveillance. kurdish fighters, america's closest allies on the ground, will also play a key role containing the terrorists from the north and west. so even with all that intel, though, the obama administration still refusing to send weapons to the kurds, even though they've been requested in order to defeat isis. let's get the real story from national security correspondent jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. jennifer, what are military folks saying about yesterday's announcement which was surprising. >> gretchen, i think what is happening is the u.s. and iraqi leaders are trying to counter
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the narrative that isis has been winning with its propaganda videos. the u.s. military wants to project that a large force is getting ready to fight so isis doesn't look 20 feet tall. the iraqi prime minister him sx gave an irntd view on february 16th to the bbc which he too said we are planning on offensive on mosul. there is some surprise among retired general bz the level of detail revealed. >> it is mystifying that a u.s. military command would release the who, what, when of a pending operation. i mean, it's somewhat unprecedented. we do that just prior to an operation and then we embargo the media until the operation begins and until it's finished. >> officially pentagon officials who i have spoken to say there's nothing unusual about what the official revealed yesterday during the background conference call. they remind us that in the buildup to the 2003 iraq invasion, a similar projection of time line and force was
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announced in advance. >> very interesting. what exactly did the official say yesterday? >> he said shaping for the battle has already started. he was likely referring to ongoing air strikes in and around mosul. there were five today. the centcom official also said the assault will begin in the april/may time frame saying it would wrap up around june 17th, around raumdmadan. he added the force will include five iraqi army brigades totalling 20or,000 to 20 oror or20,000 to 25,000 troops. former assistant secretary of defense bing west a marine ma whoz written about the battle for fallujah in 2004 reminded me this morning any such offensive will be very long and messy. mosul is five times the size of fallujah where the marines lost
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70 killed in action, much more wounded. this will be much more complicated. >> jennifer griffin, thank you so much. it's over now. time to rate and review the white house summit on extremism. was it ray success? and more importantly, what will come out of it? we know president obama called for expanded human rights around the world but still refused to maim it iz lament ick jihad. according to some, joe biden taunged about extremists committing violence in the name of the bible. the white house announced after the summit one of the president's close allies thshgs guy, rasheed hussein, being apointed to be the anti-isis communications czar. but get this, the "new york times" reports fbi director james comey was not even invited to the summit despite his russian counterpart attended. bret baier, the anchor of "special report" joining me. let's start with rating and reviewing the white house
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summit. what are they saying on capitol hill? >> there's not a lot coming out of capitol hill about it. a lot of experts around looking at it say it may not have even been really summit worthy. more like a workshop because there aren't specific policy prescriptions coming out. there are a few things that they're doing on the web, on the internet, to counter isis. but as far as real concrete policy prescriptions they're just not happening gretchen. one thing, i talked to some arab diplomats, and i asked them, listen, does it matter what we call isis? and this problem. and they said, no it doesn't matter. you could call it the mickey mouse club. but we want action, we want activity. we want something to go after it. that's just a different perspective from people in the neighborhood. >> that's very interesting. so it's not so much about the name according to them but the action. so what would they think about
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this, i just mentioned it to the lead, that president obama has named an anti-isis czar close ally rasheed hussein. will that do anything about action? >> another czar in this town at this time does not seem to be an answer unless that czar is somehow empowered to do a lot of things. the fact that the fbi director was not invited was kind of strange in the big picture. you had 60-plus countries. you had a lot of people from a lot of different aspects of fighting terror, not only in the homeland but overseas, and you would think the fbi would be a part of that. >> also, it seem thad the emphasis was on domestic homegrown terror, sort of talking about these pilot program that's have start nd minneapolis and other cities. but that's vastly different is it not from the international threat of isis? >> sure. it's very different. and, you know, that is the tough
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part about this conference overall, is that it was called a convention of violent extremism. so they wanted to deal with the stuff inside this country. they wanted to deal with efforts long term to prevent terrorists from becoming terrorists. and a lot of people i've talked to say there's much more urgency in the short term, dealing with the expanding map that isis is creating aroun globe. >> and don't miss bret's special, i'll talk about it now. we'll see you tonight. "fox news reporting: the democrats correspond nation or confrontation." looking at hillary clinton's chances and some of the others tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern and sunday 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. so the obama administration taking some serious heat for claiming that one of the root causes of terrorism is unemployment. the state department spokeswoman saying a lack of opportunity
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leads people to join groups like isis. but let's get the real story on this. a 2004 study by a harvard economist seems to contradict that claim find tlaging that the terrorist risk is not significantly higher for poorer countries. then a 2012 study in pakistan reached a similar conclusion saying, quote, pakistan's urban poor are more exposed to the negative extern altys of militant values and may be less supportive of the groups. poor pakistanis dislike the militants more than the middle class. where are they coming from? thousands from tunisia, saudi arabia with russia and france near the top of the list. now surveillance video shows three teenage girls from london running away from home this week flying to turkey and it's feared they may be going into syria to join isis. real talk now with lieutenant colonel retired marine and fox news military analyst the. let's start with the breaking
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news, the three girls missing from london, i believe they're all 15 or 16 years old. somehow being influenced to go to turkey and trying to get into syria. you have to scratch your head, colonel, and say, why would these girls do this? how would you answer that? >> well, they all came from nice families and all going to a nice school, gretchen. so it's clearly not about lack of opportunity or lack of education. it is indeed all about ideology. and i'm reminded of the tens tens of thousands of recruits isis has garnered over the last nine months. they didn't come from job wanted listings. it's people being driven by the ideology. >> i know you point to major nadal hue sanidal hasan who was the ft. hood shooter. he had a pretty good job. >> he had a great job. we can go to osama bin laden himself, he came from one of the wealthiest family, well educated. on the other end of the spectrum, you have the underwear
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bomber who, by all accounts, came from one of the wealthiest families in africa and had been educated in some of the better schools in england. so this whole notion that the white house is trying to put out there that it's about lack of opportunity or lack of education or not enough money or whatever is absolutely false, and it kills me and certainly many of your viewers how little this white house understands what it is that we're dealing with besides not knowing what to call it. they don't understand what it is. >> well, is it that, colonel? or is it that they maybe by focusing on talking about unemployment and jobs being the root cause they don't really have to deal with the issue? >> well, that could be it too, gretchen. of course we all know, we agree with them on this point, it's not a matter of trying to kill everybody out there in order to solve the problem. it's something bigger. i think there's another irony here. the president of egypt president al sisi in january as you and i have spoken about, got
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up in front of leading muslim clerics and scholars, a muslim himself, said, we collectively have the problem and we have to fix it. this is what this administration continues to dishim at every corner. >> i want your take on what jennifer griffin was reporting at the top of the show that the pentagon has basically put out the road map for how they're going to help the iraqis take back mosul. is that standard operating procedure for you, and what do you think about it? >> not at all. in fact, you know in the back of my mind i'm saying, gee, i hope it's all a matter of deception. i hope it's psychological operations to try to scare isis a little bit. isis isn't going to be scared. we're laying out a road map. i'm surprised we haven't drooped leaflets telling exactly our avenues of approach. i'm not sure the timetable will work. we don't know that the iraqis are ready. i know from a lot of trips to iraq the kurds aren't going to fight in mosul for the iraqis.
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the kurds will fight for the kurds, not the iraqis. it's inconceiveable they put it out there. the only thing in my judgment is it's all about politics. let's tell the american people we're doing something. >> interesting analysis. lieutenant colonel bill cowan thank you so much. startling revelation from a top nato general, now claiming russian tensions could escalate into an all-out war with conflicts and terror attacks popping up all over the world, what if anything is shifting in the white house's foreign policy plans. and there are serious concerns about the state department and the safety of our top-secret information. how hackers have been able to snoop around in the agency's e-mail network for months. plus, are you one of the almost million people who signed up for obamacare? we have critical information about a mistake you need to know about before april. before you file your taxes. we'll give you that info when we return.
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more to worry about because growing concerns about the safety of our country's sensitive information. "wall street journal" quoting sources who say hackers are still in the state department's unclassified e-mail network months after the initial breach. and despite efforts to get them out. so it's unclear how much information has actually been stolen and there's no indication hackers got access to any classified networks. in the meantime time for some real talk about u.s. foreign policy. as islamic state fighters extend their control over huge areas of iraq and syria, russian-backed rebels push back government troops in ukraine despite a cease-fire and the crisis in syria soon entering its fifth year three years after president obama declared the president had to go. karl rove is with us fox news contributor. great to have you on the show,
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karl. a myriad of problems that seem to continue to be growing, all across the world, and now word just comes in that president obama, when he speaks to the dnc winter meeting will shift his message from foreign policy and talk more about the economy. what do you think of that? >> well, i think he thinks if he doesn't talk about it the problem goes away. but the world has a way of intruding upon even the president's own fantasies. you're right, we have a conflict in syria, convictflict in iraq, trouble in afghanistan problems in africa, and then this story today from general sir adrian bradshaw british commander talking about the threat of conventional russian forces potentially invading nato territory. >> i think his exact quote was that it's a real and present danger. mr. putin could try to destabilize the baltic states. i think the alarming part is he worries that nato allies won't have the you know what to fight
11:18 am
back. >> right. well, and there's a good caution in there because we have -- look at what's happened to ukraine, not a nato member but the united states has an agreement, the buddha pest agreement of 1994 that obligates us to defend the integ ral territory of the ukraine. and what has happened? the russians have supplied separatists with weapons, infiltrated disguised regular russian military supplied advanced equipment, both tanks, artillery, missiles and our response has been to say, we'll give you meals ready to eat, but you've got to pick them up and pull them because we don't want to upset the russians. we've had an agreement last week for a cease-fire that was broken biff the russians. and what was putin's response? his response was to say, it's terrible to lose. isn't it? he is thumbing his nose at the west and laughing at president obama. >> yeah. if it weren't so sad, it would
11:19 am
be funny. let's talk a little bit about syria and the red line. as i mentioned in the intro president obama said the red line was, when you kill your own people, he was going to do something about getting rild of assad. it looks like he's going to stay, karl. >> we're going to look now in retrospect and see that the failure of the president -- first, the president making the statement that it was time for assad to go and then as a failure to make assad go rapidly is going to turn out to be a moment in retrospect in which american credibility began to dissolve all around that region and all around the world. and it's not going to be easy to get out of it at this point. we've seen the destabilization of iraq as an outgrowth of two decisions by president obama, one, not to leave a stay-behind force in iraq and the second not to remove assad and to establish territory stability in syria. both of these things allowed isis to grow and now threaten iraq and the region. >> it's a hot mess no matter where you look.
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karl rove, thank sozs so much. america's mayor taking a shot at the president's patriot patriotism patriotism? why rudy giuliani not backing down on saying that president obama does not love america. and how it's playing now into the 2016 race for the white house. plus, back-to-back tropical storms packing winds of 180 miles an hour devastating damage. we'll show you all of that coming up. and hello ladies. new research showing a man's hands could provide a major clue to how he treats the ladies in his life. that brings us to our question of the day. what does a man's hands -- be clean when you write me on this -- tell you about him? tweet me, use the hash tag the real story. i look forward to reading your comments, coming up at the end of the show. [ female announcer ] knows her way around a miniskirt. can run in high heels. must be a supermodel,
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welcome back to "the real story." we're about to show you really cool but devastating weather video. the cyclone sandwich two powerful storms hitting within 15 miles of each other northern australia. watch this. twin storms bringing torrential rain, powerful rainstearing the roofs off homes, leaving thousands without power. here is a look at cyclone marsha, the more powerful, category 5 storm packing winds of up to 180 miles per hour. thankfully and unbelievably no reports of injuries. we have a major new blunder involving obamacare to talk to you about today and it involves the irs. the feds sending out faulty tax
11:25 am
forms to some 800,000 people who signed up on the federal web site. that's roughly the population of st. louis, pittsburgh and tallahassee combined. peter duky live in washington, doing the math for us. peter, what did you find out? >> gretchen, it's basically 1 out of every 14 people who signed up on time now being told to wait to file their taxes. now, a delayed filing means a delayed return. that is rubbing some republican lawmakers the wrong way, like congresswoman diane black who says, quote, this is beyond embarrassing for president obama and is an unfair blow to taxpayers who are once again left holding the bag for this administration's incompetence. how did this happen? 800,000 people got the wrong premium information on theirforms? one official says they're looking into it. and the official word from medicaid and medicare is quote, as soon as we discovered the error, we immediately began examining who was affected, how
11:26 am
to communicate about the error and how to make the corrections process as simple as possible for consumers. still, president obama spoke shortly after the news broke and focused on the positive. >> we've extended the security and fundamental right to affordable, accessible health care to more than 10 million uninsured americans. >> and there's more. we learned today there's going to be a special enrollment period next month that runs six weeks and being put in place partly because of pressure from democrats as new research, like analysis from the urban constitute shows that 4 out of 10 american that's don't have health insurance also don't know somehow that being uninsured gets you fined. we've spoken to tax experts who say this isn't going to prevent fines for people who didn't get covered to this point, but it will look to help people who don't want to pay a penalty again. gretchen? >> peter doocy, live in d.c., thanks. time for my take now. hearing there's yet another
11:27 am
glitch with the government's takeover for health care should come as no surprise i guess. more often than not, we've just become used to hearing big government not running things very well, right? even if this latest snafu affects 800,000 people, that's roughly the size of the entire city of san francisco. but we've had the v.a. scandal medicare and medicaid scandal the irs targeting tea party, the government agencies blowing our cash on big parties in vegas and line dancing lessons. and who could forget the smoking clown or the shrimp running on a treadmill government funded study. i know a lot of folks watching today get frustrated and angry when they hear how their tax dollars are being wasted. why isn't there more of an outcry to our politicians to fix it once ond for all? why don't politicians care enough to finally do something about all the waste? to me, it's not a partisan issue. whether you're a democrat republican or independent, don't we all care how our
11:28 am
hard-earned money is spent? i know i do. and i don't think it's only because of my midwestern sensibilities. coming up on "the real story" today, after a doping scandal derailed his career, lance armstrong is getting back on his bike, preparing to race for the first time in years. we will bring you the details. plus, the canadian lawmaker needing to skip out on a vote for a somewhat embarrassing reason. you want to hear more on this tight excuse. >> i apologize, but it's necessary for me to leave my seat briefly. i didn't mean to forfeit my right to vote.
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let's check out the headlines we're following for you right now. most of the folks who had to evacuate after an oil train xmreegsz in explosion in west virginia finally able to go home. michigan soccer player who killed a referee with one punch pleading guilty to manslaughter facing 8 to 15 years in prison. and lance armstrong getting back on his bike in austin, texas, making money for his livestrong charity, his first return to the livestrong event since 2012 when his use of performance enhancing drugs was exposed. let's go back to the white house now because the white house still taking slack over its summit on violent extremism this week as president obama tries to turn the focus now to the economy during his appearance at the winter meeting
11:33 am
of the democratic national committee. chief white house correspondent ed henry is with us. what is the white house saying about the fbi director not being invited to the summit? >> reporter: very curious that james comey was not invited because this was obviously a summit on countering violent extremism extremism. he's in charge of the fbi. josh earnest said attorney general eric holder his boss was there, but overall the white house did not want to send the signal to muslims that there was too much of a law enforcement presence at this summit, something i pressed earnest on. listen. >> we wanted to make sure this wasn't overly focused on law enforcement. >> with that decision and other decisions at the summit, were you tiptoeing around not offending muzslimmuslims? >> i don't think that's the way anyone would characterize the summit. this was an opportunity for us to have a very frank discussion with people all across the country. >> reporter: not frank enough for some. former cia director james
11:34 am
woolsey is saying that by not calling this islamic extremism the president, quote, looks scared. grech? >> so pretty brutal week for the president. was his speech that we just saw a snippet of to the dnc a chance to pivot back to the economy? >> reporter: he certainly hopes so. this white house clearly wants to get back to some of these domestic issues. the president hasn't been able to focus on them. they see the economy improving. the president wants to talk about that as perhaps he frames the 2016 elections as well as his legacy. as he claimed today, republican presidential candidates are trying to steal his lines. listen. >> reporter: >> now that their grand prediction of doom and gloom and death panels and armageddon haven't come true, sky hasn't fallen, the new plan of congressional republicans -- and this is progress -- is to rebrand themselves as the party of the middle class. >> the president saying republicans are talking about
11:35 am
income inequality, something he talked about long ago. interesting, at this meeting with the dnc, the president didn't mention that that message he's been pushing for a long time didn't work in the last midterms. >> interesting. ed henry, thanks. have a great weekend. >> you too. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani tripping down on controversial comments he made about the president. here's what giuliani said, quote, i do not believe and i know this is a horrible thing to say, but i do not believe that the president loves america. he doesn't love you. and he doesn't love me end quote. governor walker later distancing himself from the mayor's comments during an interview on cnbc saying, the mayor can speak for himself. i won't comment on what the president thinks or not. he can speak for him sx. i will tell you i love america, end quote. the white house tweeting out a sly response to the mayor last night saying i'm using my powers to announce the three
11:36 am
newest national monuments hash tag obama loves america. time for some real talk with alan colmes, home of the alan colmes show and pete snyder reporter republican candidate for virginia lieutenant governor. pete, let me start with you because you're a newcomer to the panel today. what are we to make of giuliani tripling down on this and scott walker not wanting to touch it? >> i'm not a cardiologist or a psychologist so i don't pretend to know the president's heart. we know rudy giuliani is plain spoken. >> i think what he's getting at is the world is on fire. what we see out of this president indifference. what was this whole thing over the past couple of day snz violent extremism? can anyone tell me what that mean snz. >> doesn't that mean he's not patriotic patriotic, allan? >> there's an old saying, when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. this is a guy who used 9/11 to make money for himself,
11:37 am
consulting the governments of guatemala and others. >> alan, that's -- >> seriously. to call somebody else unpatriotic and then to say, i'm not racist about it, he said in the "new york times," because he had a white mother. does that mean he woo have been racist if he had a black mother? everything he says gets worse. >> let's listen to what the president said in 2008 about somebody else being unpatriotic. listen to this. >> driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents, number 43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome so we now have over $9 trillion of debt. that's irresponsible. it's unpatriotic. >> well, there is senator obama calling president bush alan, unpatriotic. >> i disagree with the way you're parsing that. >> his debt has gone up more than bush. >> what he said is the act of that is unpatriotic. he didn't call the person unpatriotic.
11:38 am
you've got giuliani taking a direct -- can i just finish my thought? taking a direct shot at the president. how do you defend this? the president was talking about an act, not a person being unpatriotic. >> pete? >> alan, where was your outrage when senator obama said that? >> i just gave the explanation. >> gretchen, as you well know, there's an entire industry many of your peers out there, not fox news, in the business of defending the president, putting a bubble as the world burns around the president. it's absolutely ridiculous. this is a huge distraction. we have christians being beheaded overseas. we have a president who doesn't have a plan for isis. we have the fbi -- >> we're out there bombing them. we've been bombing northern iraq. what do you mean we don't have a plan? we're at war at the moment. >> we talked about the hot mess going on with foreign policy all across the world. >> you may not like the plan, but there is one. >> let me ask you this, alan. why so much media and press on
11:39 am
wrud rudy giuliani's comments? he's not even on the politics and more press on that and the president's summit. >> we're covering it. we're also covering what's coming out of the summit what the president said how we're not at war with religion. what rudy said is so outrageous it's getting coverage because this is the narrative we hear on the right against the president. i guess policy is fine pete. but to call him unpatriotic and say he doesn't love america -- >> no one here allcalled him unpatriotic. i do know -- >> do you agree that he -- does he love america? >> he tries to make attacks to distract from -- >> does the president love america? >> i have absolutely no idea. >> you have no idea if he loves america? >> alan, he's indifferent to american exceptionalism. >> he's the only sitting president -- >> he's indifferent about how we stand in the world. that's why he's letting people like vladimir putin take countries. >> if i could have a sentence. 's the only sitting president
11:40 am
only to use the phrase "american exceptionalism. you won't say he loves america? >> he's saying he doesn't know. >> how do you not know the president loves america? i wouldn't hesitate to say george bush loves america. >> this will continue well into the weekend. guys, i've got to go. thank you. now to my top three favorite videos for a friday. police in harlen kentucky think they found the suspect responsible for this cold weather issuing an arrest warrant for disney's queen elsa of "frozen." suspect is blonde female and known to burst into the song "let it go." number two, maybe this guy really hates the cold. watch as he goes into a rage. little caesar's pizza, ripping a computer from the counter, attacking a worker there. no one hourt but police looking for him. number three politicians can be known for being uptight. but listen to a canadian lawmaker's jaw-dropping excuse
11:41 am
for where he ran out of the house of commons and missed a vote. >> i realized i inadvertently left my seat briefly in the middle of the debate. i can blame it on the sale. they had men's underwear on for half price. i bought a bunch that was clearly too small for me. i find it difficult to sit for any length of time. >> so pat martin says his tidy whiteys causing him to miss a vote. later he claimed it was a joke about lawmakers getting their, quote, nickers in a knot over his absence. time to check in with shepard smith. no transition from that story to you, shep. i'm just going to say, what do you have coming up on the show? >> we're learning more about the mind of a killer in last year's dead live rampage near the university of california near sant barra. a slew of new information. some kind of disturbing. a 22-year-old said he targeted sorority girls for revenge. and a new report from the investigators themselves show he's researched topics including
11:42 am
torture devices and how to kill somebody silently with a knife. it all also details from the gunman's private journal. we'll have all of it coming up top of the hour, see you then. >> shep, thank you. there's cold. and there's today. with a blast of arctic air bringing the coldest temps of the season so far creating a fantastic display at niagara falls. but there are real health risks to this brutal cold as well. plus, did you see any of the oscar nominated movies? you have just until the weekend. you're panel will weigh in on who likely will win and who should win. then we'll have this. you don't want to cross danica patrick's path. the driver she's accusing may not have even hit her. we'll show you the video. then you can decide. >> seriously he did the same [ bleep ] thing in practice. you get on my left rear and extends me out. you did the same thing!
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of. >> welcome back to "the real story." danica patrick and denny hamlin having a major fight about a wreck during a practice run for the daytona 500. as you can see in the video hamlin apparently clipping patrick with four laps to go, sending her car spinning into the other cars. she recovered, eventually finishing tenth that day landing her in the 43rd spot for sunday's big race. patrick then get noogting into a shouting match. she later had this to say once cooler heads prevail. >> i think he wants to work it out. like i said, we're friends. i like denny a lot. his bus is right next to mine. i play golf with him. but this one i don't think we're of the same opinion unfortunately. we're just going to have to figure it out. >> hamlin denies running into
11:47 am
patrick. a point that seems up for interpretation. we'll see what happens during the race on sunday. hollywood is gearing up for its most glamorous night of the year, the oscars. dozens of movies going for the gold including "boyhood," birdman, american sniper and others. does the academy have any surprises up its sleeve? time to bring in our panel fox 411 move viv critic justin craig, senior editor for the hollywood report efrp derek garner and david caplan. men, great to have you here. let's start with your picks. justin? >> best picture i think will be "birdman." it won the dga. it won best cast at the sag awards. i think that's the top choice right there this year, "birdman". >> i know you agree, eric, right? >> yes. i think "boyhood" has a shot of pulling off an upset, but i think that it's going to be "birdman". >> david, you're not going to tell me "birdman"?
11:48 am
>> you know i love the story line. i love it. but the character is making his comeback. i think it's more intricate. >> isn't michael keaton being nominated for the first time? >> i think michael keaton deserves the best actor. he may not get it. i think it will go to eddie redmayne. michael keaton was amazing. >> i saw "theory of everything." an amazing movie, an amazing acting job by this young man. you'll pick the same one, right? >> yes. i think it will be eddie redmayne. but this was a year of some really good acting performances. bradley cooper in "american sniper" was excellent as well as michael keaton in "birdman." all three of them could easily win. benedict coupler batch was amazing in "imitation game". >> let's talk about best actress. all of you picked the same thing. julianne moore. >> it's the easiest thing.
11:49 am
definitely a lock for julianne moore. she was excellent in "still alice" she plays a woman sufferingalzheimer's. it's so heart wrenching. she's been nominated but has never won. she definitely -- her time is due. >> supporting actress. patricia arquette in "boyhood" whaxt's amazing about this film is they follow the same cast for 12 years in realtime. you watch them get older. but you agree with this pick as well. >> yeah, absolutely. you know, this was patricia arquette's only role over those years, too. that's amazing. you know we see her age and she didn't take any steps to mitigate that. we actually see a woman getting older. it's really a good role. >> real quickly supporting actor, you all agreed j.k. simmons. >> i thought he was amazing in this movie. >> whiplash, right? >> yes. you see him as i teacher. when i think of him, i think of
11:50 am
him on the hbo series "oz." you think of like the death of his acting. i thought he was amazing. >> even though it's a disturbing movie. fantastic job by him. we will have to see if you are right. 100% you will all be on the same betting line because you all agree. thanks, guys. a lot like siberia in much of the united states. bone-chilling cold temps dipped to record lows. folks trying to keep warm but the weather can actually cause dangerous things to happen to you as well. live report, straight ahead. how do i get hotel deals nobody else gets?... i know a guy. price-line ne-go-ti-a-tor! i know this guy... konohito... and this guy... who knows a guy. hey guy. i know a guy in new york, vegas, dallas. i've known some guys for decades and some, nice to meet ya, let's deal. my competitors may know a guy, but i know over 60,000 guys. and gals. exclusive hotel deals
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>> a lot of old winter this weather. meteorologists say today, the coldest day of the winter so far. arctic blast taking aim at a large portion of the country. look at the stunning images of niagra falls frozenv$ç&sbp#u" > o7ç?7)
11:54 am
delware river. temps hitting lows some areas haven't had in two decades. the deep freeze raising the risk of frostbite and hypothermia. laura ingle is along the hudson river. how are you holding up? >> yes. well, you know what it is pretty frozen out here. just take a look behind me. we are here on the hudson river. a lot of people fining choice words for mother nature, brutal up forgiving and bone-chilling all seem to be pretty good descriptions of what is happening. we have been watching the ferries trying to make their way. lookcmçima,yççç) ice trying to get to the other side. cold temperatures setting records all over the place here in new york where the hudson river has been freezing over for days. a record set in central park today with two degrees. the previous record for this date was set at seven back in 1950. now, in judge, low temp records being set there as well. pipes freezing over and we're not just talking about pipes
11:55 am
carrying water. some that froze backed up were carrying sewage as well. some are flocking to see the cold weather spectacle in upstate new york niagra falls, turn into a frozen crystal scene, tourists braving the zero temperatures to grab the selfies in front of the iced-over water. and in the nations wherejpçi]çç capitol, commuters are being warned about delays because of two cracked rails for the metro which happened because of the freezing conditions. the frigid temps caused many sits to close schools including pittsburgh erie, and philadelphia where record air temperatures were recorded in some places as low is a minus eight in new hampshire, one high school had to be evacuated because of heavy snow on the roof. right now more than 180 million americans in 30 states reported temps under 30 degrees. we're talking about a lot of people feeling pretty cold right about now just as we are out here. back you. >> hopefully you can get back into the truck and warm up.
11:56 am
thank you so much. >> single ladies, next time you go on a date check out the guy's hands. ooh. we'll tell you what a new study just reveals says bat guy -- about a guy's hands. you exercise. you choose the salad. occasionally. but staying well - physically, financially, emotionally - its hard on your own. so cigna's got your back and your knees, 24/7. cigna's there to answer your questions. or when you need some coaching. in sickness and in health, cigna's there, helping you to get well and stay well. that's having a partner, who's with you all the way. cigna.
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u.s. military up veiling its latest space-age looking too. marines test ought the two-sided guard bot robotic eye ball. it
12:00 pm
goodóóççqq[3 point. ron says small hands mean small gloves. careful. shirley says she never measured her dad's fingers nor her husbands but for certain they were the most tender, gentle men she ever knew. same for my dad and my husband. >> thank you for being part of "the real story." have a fantastic weekend. i'm gretchen carlson. >> operation take back mosul.tç iraqi and kurdish troops are getting ready to battle the isis fighters the spring for iraq's second largest city and the american forces well be helping them. now pentagon officials are responding to charges that the commander is tipping off the enemy. russia is sending more tanks and troops to help the rebels in ukraine after they captured a crucial city. that's the accusations of ukrainian leaders as vladimir putin warped the world, russia will always win. here at home another twist in the murder of a mom in


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